Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The stairs ;)

Danube in Galati in Romania

On Tue, February 8, 2011 11:02:44 PM I received one of the greatest news in my life. I had just become a trusted author on 360cities. This has been a long time dream of mine. From the moment I saw the first panoramic picture on Google Earth ( it was taken on the streets of Seville, Spain - a city I would later end up visiting ) all my efforts were bent towards perfecting my shooting technique....the goal was ofc the full spherical panorama, (a feature not so easily achieved shooting with a kit 18 mm lens - roughly 100 pictures for each panorama). Now, I see this not as the end of a long road, but merely the beginning, and I promise that no place I will visit will be left without a full spherical panorama. Just stick around ... and I will lend you my eyes ;)


Gabitza said...

felicitari pentru efortul si pasiunea cu care ai facut fotografiile!!! ai reusit sa ajungi suuuus:P acolo unde meriti pt ca ne oferi noua asa privelisti minunate:) felicitari dragul meu :D

Yoyo said...

10 +

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