Monday, March 7, 2011

Cascada Capra ("Capra waterfall")

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Capra waterfall, Fagaras, Romania

Capra waterfall (also known as Cascada Iezerului) is located on the southern slope of Fagaras mountains, in Arges county. Situated at 1690 m altitude, the "goat's waterfall" is 5 km away from Balea lake, and 1.6 km away from Capra lake (2241m), the source of the water.
Because the water's temperature is very low, you can have the surprise of finding this waterfall frozen, even after the winter season has passed.
There is a bridge crossing the waterfall, and the water falls from over 40m high, making it the must-stop spot for many tourists.
                                                        The waterfall seen from Capra chalet
How to get here:
- driving (or cycling, walking ..) on the DN7C alpine road, "the Transfagarasan", you are bound to spot this beautiful work of nature, it's 5km away from Balea lake, towards Vidraru dam ( at 49 km away).
- tracks:  from Vidraru dam: 7,7.30 hours long, with a +1400 difference in altitude. From the Dam, follow the DN7C road around the lake. At the other end of the lake, you will find the track marked with a blue ribbon on white background. When you reach 1500m altitude,you will arrive at Capra chalet. Continue onward for the waterfall. (note: this track does not end at the waterfall, it goes higher, reaching the Capra lake(2230m) and Capra Pass (2315m) after another one and half hours of walking)
   Very important: The DN7C alpine road is closed during the cold season, from 1st of November untill the 1st of July (officially). The Tracks are marked as dangerous during the winter, so be sure you know what you are doing.

Have you ever been here? Then please tell me about your trip! You can even add a link with your pictures so we can all see. Or maybe you plan to get here in the future? 


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