Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Urlatoarea waterfall

Urlatoarea waterfall ("the Howler"), 30 minutes walk from Busteni city, Bucegi mountains.
Whenever you feel like taking a short and refreshing walk into the woods but you want to stay close to the city, or you are too tired for a serious challenge, this is the place to go. Falling from a height of 15 m, this wonder of nature gets it's name not only from the noise of water, but also the sound of the water speeding after the rain.
You will discover that there are smaller waterfalls along the main path, fuelled by the two rivers, Urlatoarea Mare ("the Big Howler") and Urlatoarea Mica ("the Small Howler").
This waterfall can be found at Poalele Jepilor, just above Poienile Tapului.

Track information:
Busteni (885 m)- Cascada Urlatoare (1055 m) = Follow the path marked with a red dot. This track is accessible all the time of the year. You begin by climbing on the Telecabinei Street (885m), towards the Cablecar house. We can admire at this point the steep climb of the mountains dominated by Claia mare Peak.
We part from the track for Caraiman lodge, and after a steep but short climb we reach the point known as "La Gratar" (=at "the Grates").Next we follow the little bridge that crosses Valea Seaca a Jepilor, leaving to our right the track for Piatra Arsa Lodge (marked with a blue triangle). Our track follows with a very easy climb, and after some time walking in the woods we reach our destination, Urlatoarea Waterfall, at (1055 m alt.). For going back, follow the same track used to get here.

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