Monday, September 5, 2011

Diana refuge

Diana refuge in Romania

While hiking this summer ( aug 2011 ) in Piatra Craiului mountains, on the track from Plaiul Foii to Padina Popii, I stopped to take a picture with this very important refuge.

It is located at an altitude of 1520m, on the north - west side of the mountain range, between Padina Inchisa and Padina Popii valleys.

There are 4 marked tracks leaving from this refuge:

  1. to Plaiul Foii lodge, 2 hours, follow the yellow triangle
  2. towards Zarnesti city, 2,5-3 hours, on the blue ribbon, towards north 
  3. to Padina Inchisa pass, 2,5-3 hours, on the other blue ribbon, with extreme caution - dangerous track
  4. towards Padina Popii, 2,5-3 hours, marked with a blue triangle
The refuge can provide shelter for up to 7 people, but remember, there is no water supply here, the nearest being 30 min away towards Plaiul Foii.

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