Sunday, November 10, 2013

Iezer Papusa, hiking trip to Iezer lake

The starting point of the trip was Voina, an accessible chalet at the base of the Iezer - Papusa mountains (983m).
This is also a good site for camping, if you don't want to take your equipment with you.

Voina chalet in arges-county-romania

                       Starting close to the chalet, the track marked with a red stripe takes us, after a steep climp, on the alpine back of mount Vacarea.

Iezer Papusa in arges-county-romania

The track takes us uphill, and we get a beautiful panorama of the surrounding mountains.

Hiking in Iezer Papusa in arges-county-romania

Here we are passing close to a sheep farm made entirely out of wood.

Hiking in Iezer Papusa in arges-county-romania

The view keeps getting better as we climp higher.

Alpine trail Iezer Papusa in arges-county-romania

We are getting closer to 2000m altitude and we find small bits of snow on the track.

Crucea Ateneului. Iezer Papusa in arges-county-romania

And finally we reach the furthest point of our track, the Ateneului Cross (crucea Ateneului) at 2279m. This is an important junction point as several tracks split here.
We will follow the one leading downhill to Iezer lake and the refuge with the same name.

Descending to Iezer Lake in arges-county-romania

Iezer lake in arges-county-romania

We pass close to Iezer lake (2130m) admiring the beauty of this glacial valley that now surrounds us. Towards the NE we can spot the refuge, where we will have a much deserved rest, after starting our descent towards Voina chalet. (on the track marked with a blue filled dot).

Here's how this track looks on Google Earth

Vizualizare hartă mărită

And this is the track's elevation profile

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