Friday, May 9, 2014

Malaiesti chalet

Located on the northern slope of the Bucegi Mountains, in the valley Malaiesti, Chalet Malaiesti (1720m) provides shelter for tourists who want to hike in this area.

Malaiesti chalet - overview

From Diham Chalet, you can reach Malaiesti on 2 separate paths. I used one path to reach the chalet and the other for the return trip, and I strongly encourage all visitors to do the same.

The first one is trough Glajariei valley, marked with a blue cross and later with a blue stripe.

Last souce of water towards Malaiesti  - as we find out after desceding from Diham. At this point we will cross Armasarul river on the bridges built here and start our climb towards Malaiesti.

Hiking to Malaiesti chalet

After climbing all the way from Armasarul river, we can take a break here and admire the nice view. The climb will be much easier onwards.

Resting place on the way to Malaiesti

And finally we reach our destination - Malaiesti chalet

Malaiesti Chalet

The second path that takes you to Malaiesti is trough Pichetul Rosu glade, marked with a red circle, and onwards trough Bucsoiului glade and Prepeleac pass, marked with a red triangle all the way.
! Please remember that this path is not available during winter or early spring. This path takes you much higher than the one through Glajariei valley and the snow can block the crossings !

Bucsoiului Glade

A wild glade, on the slopes of Bucegi mountains, and the first glade you encounter after Pichetul Rosu.

Prepeleac Pass

The highest point on this track. Tourists can admire the beautiful view resting at the wooden table here.
Malaiesti Prepeleac Pichetul Rosu track

Another panorama closer to the rocky tower marking the northern side of the pass. From this point we start our descend towards Malaiesti chalet.

This is how both paths look in Google Earth. They were recorded with my GPS device. If you need to download the KML file click on this link.

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