Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Papusa peak

The view from Papusa Peak (2391m) in Iezer Papusa mountain range.
 Towards the east we can see Piatra Craiului and further away, Bucegi mountain range.
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Hiking to Papusa Peak, in the middle of November. Towards the south we get a good view of Gradisteanu pass and the sea of clouds further away, and to the east we get the first glimpse of Piatra Craiului Mountain range since we started the hike.

The fastest way to reach Papusa peak is from Cuca chalet, located at an altitude of 1175m. The track is well marked, with a blue stripe until Gradisteanu pass, changing to a red stripe from there onward.
The time it takes to climb the 1200m height difference is roughly 4 hours.

You can either drive to Cuca chalet if you have a decent height clearance on your vehicle or you will need to add another hour to reach the chalet from Voina by foot.

I hope you enjoyed viewing these panoramic pictures!
For panos of Voina chalet or the hike to Iezer lake, please check my other post here.

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