Friday, May 23, 2014


Ciucas peak  - 1954m high

The fastest way to reach Ciucas Peak is starting from Ciucas Chalet and following the red stripe path. The first landmark we reach is the area called Tigaile Mari, with it's remarkable stone towers.


Tigaile Mari
 Half way towards Ciucas peak, we get a good view of Tigaile Mari and the area called Intorsura Buzaului.
Rock Towers in Ciucas

 Standing between the stone towers of Ciucas, the view is amazing.


The landmark known as "Babele la sfat" ( "Old ladies keeping council" ). Towards the south we can see the Bratocea mountain range (a longer access route) and Cheia resort.


Almost on top of Ciucas Peak, we get good last look towards the Tigaile Mari area.


After descending from the peak, the trail will lead close to another interesting feature - Goliath Tower

Tigailor pass

 Here, the trail splits. Ciucas chalet can be reached following the trail marked with the red cross, or, if DN1A road is your destination, the red stripe will take you there over the Bratocea mountain range.

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