Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lespezi Peak

On a fine March morning we set out to climb one of the tallest peaks in Romania. 
Located in Fagaras Mountain range, from it's height of 2522m, Lespezi peak offers wonderful views all around and a good climbing experience.

From the starting point - Piscul Negru chalet (1200m) we follow the track marked with a red dot symbol, and after roughly 40 minutes of climbing trough the forest, we reach this point, known for the close-by sheep ranch, now deserted for winter.

Hiking to Lespezi Peak

Continuing along the marked path, we follow the boot prints of hikers in front of us.
 At this point, we leave the pine trees behind us. The peak is plainly visible in front, clearly stating that we are not there yet.

Climbing Lespezi Peak

Further along the path, we encounter a tricky part - a massive rock blocking our way. As we climb the rock can be overtaken with much caution on it's right side. From this point onward we will quickly gain the remaining height difference.  

Lespezi Peak

 Finally we reach our destination, Lespezi peak, at 2522m altitude. The views are just breathtaking. Towards north we can clearly see Negoiu Peak and if we look to our NE we can even see Vistea - Moldoveanu ridge. Towards south the Transfagarasan alpine road follows the curves of Vidra lake, and towards SW we can even spot Cozia Mountains.

I hope you enjoyed the panos, thank you for viewing them :)

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