Friday, October 9, 2015

Varful Moldoveanu prin Valea Rea

Moldoveanu peak is the tallest mountain peak in Romania. At 2544m altitude, it's not only a great climbing experience but the views are amazing as well. 

Pod Peste Raul Manastirii

I started the hike from the point known as Stana lui Burnei, which is located in Valea Rea (Bad Valley) area. This first pano shows the upper end of Valea Rea and the beginning of the first climb.

Hiking to Moldoveanu peak

After finishing the first climb, we are rewarded with the first sight of Moldoveanu peak, our target.

Iezerul Triunghiular

Here we are halfway up the second climb. Iezerul Triunghiular lake is just behind us, towards the South.

Portita Vistei

At the end of the second climb, we reach Portita Vistei and the first views towards Transilvania. Vistea Refuge is visible to the east, but the path to Moldoveanu takes us on the opposite direction.

Halfway on the climb to Vistea Mare peak and the views are breathtaking. 

On top of the 3rd tallest mountain peak in Romania.

Moldoveanu peak

And finally, we reach our target. Time for a break to let the views sink in.

Because we chose to climb on a Thursday, the peak was not crowded at all, so I'll post a second pano. After all, it's the tallest peak in Romania :)

Galbena Peak

After descending from Moldoveanu, we reach Galbena Peak. Here we must follow the blue cross symbol if we want to reach our starting point, Stana lui Burnei.

Galbena valley is one of the most beautiful areas I've seen whilst hiking. From it's edge we can see all the way back to our first climb and the lakes are splendid.

Catch it in the right light and you'll find out why it's called Galbena Lake (Yellow Lake). This is one of the four lakes in Galbena Valley. To be more precise it's the one fueled by Izvorul Rosu. (The red Spring).

Pojarnei Pass

The last pano of the day, Curmatura Pojarnei. From here onward the steep path will take us along Zbuciumatul river, and it's beautiful waterfall.

I hope you enjoyed my panos as much as I did taking them. Please feel free to post bellow any comments or questions you might have.

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